How to Sell Gear/ Terms and Conditions

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Where to Start

To start selling, you need to first create an account with BSF.

To create an account, please click on the (Log In) tab at the top of the Home Page and register.

You will be redirected: Please then register your Billing and Shipping Addresses by clicking on the (Addresses) tab on the left side of the page.

Next, go to (Sell) tab below the BSF logo. A dropdown menu will appear. Please click (Sell an Item).

You will be redirected: Register as a vendor.

You can now go ahead and access your vendor dashboard [(SELL) + dropdown, click Vendor Dashboard]


Vendor Dashboard

You can customize your “shop” by clicking (Shop Settings) in the column on the left of the page (Ex: Choose your Vendor Name and Contact Details).

By utilizing the same leftmost column, you can also manage the products you’ve listed, orders, and payments.


Selling an Item

Go to (Sell) tab again below the BSF logo. A dropdown menu will appear. Please click (Sell an Item).

You will be redirected: Product Manager.

Under (General): You can type in the product name (title), Price($) that you would like to sell that product for, and a short description of the product. The description should briefly and clearly describe the item and the condition that it is in. In the full description text box, please list anything that the buyer should know before purchasing the item. In this way we hope to mitigate any issues regarding perceived quality and condition that may arise between the buyer and seller. Please include details such as size, left/righty, any tears or stains, etc.

Under (Featured Image and Gallery): Please upload the featured (main) picture that you would like to potential buyers to see in the BSF wesbite’s Webshop. Gallery images are images that supplement the featured image and give the buyer an exact idea of what they are purchasing. Please upload a minimum of 5 images* in order to avoid any discrepancy. BSF is not liable for any returns or issues that may arise between buyer and seller, though we may choose to step in for special circumstances. Both buyer (views the pictures and descriptions) and seller (posts the pictures and description) should do their best to ensure a clean transaction.

*to add more pictures, click the (+) sign next to the first gallery image that you uploaded.

Under (Categories and Tags): Please indicate whether the item is new or used. Then apply any other tags that you believe apply to your product. If the tag you are looking for is not listed in the dropdown, you have an option below to write your own. Please separate tags with commas.

Once your item has been sold, you can find it on your Vendor Dashboard. Click on (Orders). You should see you item there, as well as an (Actions) column. There you can access the order and update tracking information by clicking on the EYE icon.

NOTE: You are required to include the tracking number for your shipment in order to receive payment.




Transactions are processed via PayPal or by credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account, then you can select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” on the checkout page to skip login and pay with credit card.


As a seller you must configure your PayPal ID in order to receive payment from BSF. Go to (Vendor Dashboard)->(Seller Settings)->(Billing) to configure.

BSF takes 12.5% + $0.30 per transaction on the sale price as you define on the Product Manager page, and you take home ~80% of the sale price + shipping costs.

Shipping is passed through directly to the seller.

The Payout to the seller is automatically disbursed after 5 days to their PayPal account to ensure adequate time for the buyer to receive the product.

Once the buyer has purchased the item via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation from BSF with the customer (name, email, shipping) and transaction details.



We do not currently allow returns of items, but we want to make sure that our customers are happy. If the item you receive is damaged, the wrong item, or not as described, or if any items are missing, then you must report the issue to BuySellFence within 3 days after delivery of the purchased item. Alternatively, you can also email us at SUPPPORT@BUYSELLFENCE.COM within 3 days after delivery at  to let us know.



Upon receipt of confirmation from the buyer that it has satisfactorily received and accepted the purchased item, BuySellFence will credit seller’s account in an amount equal to the purchase price received from the buyer, minus a commission to be retained by BuySellFence, as detailed in the Payments Section. The buyer must confirm its acceptance within 5 days after receipt of the purchased item; if the buyer does not respond within such time period, the purchased item will be deemed accepted. Any funds credited to seller’s account may be redeemed by the seller through a permitted third party payment provider (PAYPAL).