[Sellers] How to Set Up A Product to Sell

After you have set up your account you will want to try and Sell something,


  • * Hover over Sell in the top menu and then click on Sell an item



  • * Fill out the General section of form with the appropriate text and then click on Featured Image and Gallery
  • * NOTE: the “Price” field reflects the price the customer sees and *not* your take-home pay. You will receive approximately 80% of the value entered here. See here for more information.



  • * You will then need to click on the uppermost Upload and choose a photo that will be used as the thumbnail for the product and optionally you can use the lowermost Upload button to include extra photos for the product
  • After that click on Category & Tags



  • * Here you will need to click on the Categories box and choose or type in what categories your product fits into, EX: Epee, New, Blade,
  • * You will then need to type in the Tags you would like to use, for simplicity it is recommended to use tags that match your categories, EX: Epee, New, Blade,
  • * After that click on Shipping



  • * Once you have reached shipping, you can input your shipping value. This is transferred directly to the seller for shipping purposes.
  • * Then you will need to click Submit 



  • * After this you will be greated by this page and you will be able to edit the page by clicking on the icon on the top left of the thumbnail that looks like a portrait of a person.




Your product is now up for sale!